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Aid Resources Consult

(education for development)

Established in 2002, Aid Resourced Consult has been working in both public and
private sector especially amongst the most vulnerable population towards facilitating
development through research and education. 


Partnership that works comes with effective collaboration and coordination; synergizing
to respond to the developmental needs of our environment – with you we can achieve




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Data Analytics Programs

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced  training on high demanding Data Analytics Software from our team of experts. SPSS, STATA, EXCEL,R-VIEW and Lots more….!

View Course Contents for SPSS and STATA

Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health

monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critical element of any element of any successful health program.  M&E enables programs to track and demonstrate progress, as well as diagnose programs to enable better results.  Read More

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