Course Content for STATA(The Beginner’s Guide)
Introduction to STATA  – Intermediate Course

Module 1             Fundamentals of STATA (Part 1)

  • The STATA Environment
  • A Sample STATA session
  • Descriptive information and statistics
  • Data Structures and how to use them
  • Working with commands
  • Code: Using do-files, automatization and replicability
  • Workflows, good coding practices

Module 2             Fundamentals of STATA (Part 2)

  • Overview of statistical tests in STATA
  • Overview of STATA syntax
  • Missing values in STATA

Module 3             Graphics

  • Introduction to graphics
  • Overview of graph two-way plots
  • Two-way scatterplots
  • Combining two-way scatterplots
  • Common graph options

Module 4             Reading Data in STATA

  • Using and saving STATA data files
  • Inputting raw data files into STATA
  • Reading date into STATA and using date variables

Module 5             Basic Data management in STATA

  • Types of data
  • Basic commands in STATA: gen, egen, tab, sum, keep, drop
  • Logic operators: if, or, and
  • Creating new variables: generate, replace, recode
  • Labeling data, variables and values
  • Sub-setting variables and observations

Module 6             Intermediate Data management in STATA

  • Collapsing data across observations
  • Working across variables using for each
  • Combining STATA data files
  • Reshaping data from wide to long
  • Reshaping data from long to wide
  • Interpreting and Discussing Result